"Thank you for coming down during that very difficult time. After re-reading your report, I don't know whether to laugh or to cry. It was an interesting time, but we made it --- with The Norman Group's help. There were things that The Norman Group pointed out that were right on target. Your advice was very valuable. Thanks again for your help during what was surely the darkest moment in this company's history."

Highlights of our last engagement
  • Increased Revenue by 400%
  • Increased Gross Margins by 50%
  • Increased Profit by 200%

“The Norman Group has been instrumental to the development of our sales culture and growth strategy for Medical Administrative Solutions, Inc. Our assigned project manager helped us implement new strategies, systems, policies and procedures which strengthened our core business model. The accountant, a CPA, on their team helped us to take control of our bookkeeping processes and now we have better control of our receivables, costs and finances in general.

We are starting to see great results from the sales program that The Norman Group helped to build in terms of increases in our educational program revenues, and with their guidance, we are well prepared and more confident to go after larger hospital contracts. The coaching and tools that I’ve received from The Norman Group over our year-long engagement have helped me to grow as a leader, both within our company as well as within business and community groups.

All of these changes started with a two-day assessment of our company conducted by The Norman Group, which is a service I highly recommend to other small business owners in our region.”

Damon Gregory
Medical Admistrative Solutions
Operations Director