Management Consulting - Small / Medium Sized Enterprise Segment

Our Small / Medium Sized Enterprise practice offers Assessment and Improvement management consulting services, with the following areas of focus: Administration and Accounting, Human Resources, Management and Operations, Manufacturing & Production, Quality Assurance, and Sales and Marketing.  A constant, or team of consultants, is assigned based on their background and expertise as it relates to specific client needs.

Phases of Our Process

There are three phases to our Management Consulting process:

Phase 1: Evaluation

During the Evaluation phase, the consultant will identify the area(s) for improvement and review company goals and objectives, interview key stakeholders and review business operations and/ or company financials to determine if the company is running most efficiently and on track to meet financial goals.

Phase 2: Recommendation

A comprehensive review will uncover areas for improvement and lead to a recommendation on ways to increase productivity, improve operations, decrease your tax burden with proven tax reduction strategies, develop a succession plan, develop greater employee accountability.

Phase 3: Delivery Implementation

The Norman Group will work with the client to build a plan for delivery and implementation at their discretion. The project can be performed onsite, offsite, or a combination of each.