Digital Channels & Treasury Products

The treasury and cash management functions for corporations have taken on increased importance in the current inflationary and dynamic interest rate environment.  In turn banks are under increased pressure to support a myriad of products to support the corporate treasurer in their mission to optimally manage the company’s cash and serve their own client bases, all while providing a delightful user experience.
The Norman Group works with fintechs and financial institutions to help design, implement, test, and integrate custom or third-party software that can be used to support these various treasury products, including:
  • Information Reporting
  • Cash Forecasting
  • Remote Deposit Capture
  • Positive Pay
  • Integrated Payables
  • Integrated Receivables
  • Sweeps and ZBAs
  • Bill Pay Digital Billing
Banks and fintechs deliver these products to their clients across digital channels, and The Norman Group has deep project experience with these same channels:
  • Online Banking & SSO
  • Integrated Portals
  • Mobile Banking
  • APIs
  • File Transmission
  • ERP Integration
  • Sweeps and ZBAs
  • Bill Pay Digital Billing
  • Cash Vault

Case Study

From our Digital Channels and Treasury Products practice The Norman Group partnered with a large bank undergoing an acquisition to help analyze the features and functionality of the combining banks’ treasury product portfolio across their digital delivery channels. We provided project managers as well as business and technical analysts to document gaps and create and manage products to close those gaps for the selected go-forward products and channels.

Our team then transitioned to a “client migration management” role, where we worked with bank staff to segment the corporate client base using a number of criteria, and then worked with the bank’s end corporate clients to successfully migrate them to the new products and delivery channels. This required a unique blend of treasury product and delivery channel subject matter expertise, project management, and communication skills as the bank drove groups of corporate clients through the migration experience.