Our Expertise

The Norman Group’s resources combine subject matter expertise in our four Areas of Focus with outstanding technology, process, and communication skills

Digital Channels & Treasury Products

Our firm has deep experience with treasury products and corporate cash management, and we work with the various digital channels banks offer to support their clients, from online and mobile banking to APIs and banking-as-a-service.

Payments & FX

The payments & FX space is witnessing an unprecedented level of change and innovation, from instant payments to the ISO 20022 messaging standard migration. Our consultants are leading and executing projects across this spectrum.

Trade & Supply Chain Finance

Since our company’s founding in 1997 we have been actively engaged with banks and fintechs in the assessment, implementation, and integration of third-party software supporting trade and supply chain finance.

Compliance & Risk

All aspects of banking are affected by compliance and guided by risk management. Whether it’s conducting audits and assessments, providing interim ISO services, or building out business continuity plans, our firm is committed to compliance and risk management.