ISO 20022 NEWS
The Norman Group helps First National Bankers become the first U.S. correspondent bank to complete ISO 20022 certification for the Fedwire Funds Services with the Federal Reserve: bankers-bank.com

Payments & FX

The demand for instant payments (including RTP and FedNow), embedded payments, additional detail supporting corporate payments, virtual cards, easing the cross-border payment process, and the desire for the superior user experience in consumer payments to spillover to the corporate payments space are driving momentous changes for fintechs and financial institutions, and how they support the core function of money movement.
The Norman Group works with fintechs and financial institutions to help design, implement, test, and integrate custom or third-party software that can be used to support domestic and cross-border payments, across products including:
  • Real-Time Payments (RTP)
  • ACH & Same-day ACH
  • Wire Transfers
  • Venmo, PayPal, Cash App
  • Cards & Virtual Cards
  • Check, eCheck
  • FX Netting & Pooling
  • Bulk-File Payments & Smart Routing
  • Payment Processing & SLAs
  • Other funds transfer methods
Banks and fintechs deliver payments and payment messages to their clients and other financial institutions across a number of traditional and nascent payment rails, and The Norman Group has technical and functional experience with these rails:
  • Wire (FedLine, CHIPS)
  • Real-Time Payments (RTP, FedNow)
  • Debit Networks
  • Open & Closed Card Networks

Case Study

From our Payments & FX practice The Norman Group partnered with a large bank facing the transition of the cross-border and domestic U.S. wire transfer messaging format to the new ISO 20022 global standard. We provided and are providing project planning as well as technical architecture and analysis services to help the bank meet the initial deadline for the SWIFT migration. The team is now focused on upcoming deadline for CHIPS and then FedLine wire transfers, and will close out the migration project by helping the bank complete the final step for SWIFT migration in November 2025.